We would like to introduce you to a few companies and their services that have tailor made products and services toward TV and Film production.

Geerings 100 years of exceptional service bfdg

Geerings Ltd

We have been supplying photocopiers, printers and wide format devices to the film and tv industry for over 25 years. Only the very best quality equipment can deliver the best performance and value for money and we partner with leading manufacturers, Ricoh, Canon, Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Lexmark and HP. Our products include multi functional devices, desktop printers, wide format products, production printers and software solutions.

We work with film and tv productions and production companies right across the country at Shepperton Studios, Pinewood Studios, Maidstone Studios, Longcross Studios, Twickenham Studios, The Gillette Building, Elstree, Swansea Bay Studios and Central St Martins, to name a few.

We work with small, medium and large film productions and TV productions and we understand the needs and demands of your industry. We have become the chosen supplier because we have our own engineers, our own delivery and logistics team, and support teams located at our head office in Ashford and nationwide.

We understand the needs of the wide range of departments that are involved in film and TV productions and deliver tailored solutions to:

  • Art departments and Set Dec
  • Construction
  • Costume
  • Post Production
  • Production Office
  • Location Trailers
  • Greens
  • Editorial
  • Graphics

We offer short and long term rental agreements, tailored to your requirements. We care passionately about providing fast, efficient and reliable service and our experienced support teams take pride in looking after your needs. With efficient and coordinated installations, reliable servicing from our trained engineers, expert product knowledge, and practical advice and support, you can be sure of a first class service.

Our goal is to maximise the uptime of your equipment and we invest heavily in our infrastructure to deliver this. Our support teams can remote into your desktop, when authorised, and solve issues and provide assistance, saving time and keeping you printing.

For more information, please contact Michael Smoker at our Shepperton Studios office 01932 593061, 07775841377, michael.smoker@geerings.co.uk


+44 (0) 1932 593 061
Rosco Custom Backdrops


Founded in 1910, Rosco is a leader in products for the entertainment, film & television industries. Best known for lighting filters, the company offers product in more than a dozen categories, including LED fixtures, fog machines, green screen paint and backdrops.

SoftDrop® - Enormous, All-Natural, Fabric Backdrops that are Easy To Use.

Rosco's Academy Award® winning backdrops are now available on a woven cotton fabric, offered in all of our Frontlight, Backlight or Day/Night Backdrop technologies. Innovative technological advances in digital printing allow us to precisely register a daytime image on one side of the drop with the matching night-time image on the other side of the drop. This allows for one, stationary drop to render a daytime image when lit solely from the front, a night-time image when lit solely from the back, and dusk/dawn effects when a mix of front and rear lighting is employed.

SoftDrops can be produced as large as 11.89m H x 51.82m W - seamless! Choosing a Rosco SoftDrop makes installing a backdrop onto your set easy:

  • Easy to customize: our global, world-class Rosco Digital Imaging team will work to make sure the image in the background of your shot is perfect - no matter where in the world your production is shooting.
  • Easy to ship: SoftDrops can be folded into convenient, standard shipping boxes, which eliminate the extraordinary shipping and handling issues of the extra-long and extra-heavy tubes that traditional backdrops typically ship in.
  • Easy to hang: the woven cotton fabric on which SoftDrops are printed unfolds easily from its packaging and smooths out quickly as it's hung, with minimal wrinkle treatment.
  • Easy to light: SoftDrops produce an image with an ultra-matte finish  means Cinematographers no longer need to worry about the hot spots and lamp reflections they experience using traditional vinyl or polyester drops. Plus SoftDrop is inherently semi-translucent, requiring fewer lamps to backlight for night effects, which results in significantly reduced set up time and power consumption.
  • Easy to frame the shot: because SoftDrops are available in extra-large, seamless sizes, filmmakers are able to shoot from any angle or position avoiding visible seams.
  • Easy on the environment: thanks to its natural cotton substrate and its water-based, non-solvent inks - SoftDrop has a much smaller carbon footprint than other backdrop technologies.
  • Easy on the environment: thanks to its natural cotton substrate and its water-based, non-solvent inks - SoftDrop has a much smaller carbon footprint than other backdrop technologies.

Check this video, starring cinematographer Mike McMurray CSC, showcases all of the features Rosco’s new SoftDrop® technology has to offer.


+44 (0)20 8659 2300
Data Reprographics Film TV Services bfdg

Data Reprographics

Graphics props and printing have been our speciality for a good many years now, evolving to the needs of art departments with regards to skills and machinery.

We have managed to "save the day" on many occasions which bears testament to our ability to see and solve the problems assoicated with the creative process as usually we would have seen it before and have invested in fast high-end machinery to make it work.  That said, our machinery is available remotely for all to use, just send us your drawings and artwork and we'll do the rest

So whether its plan printing, colour printing or graphics give us a call
and take advantage of our discount scheme for BFDG members or why not talk to us about bulk plan printing,
we could certainly help your budget bottom line.


Data have their very own FILE TRANSFER SERVICE specifically designed for large files that your email can't handle.

Mobile: (John) 07958 782452  Fax: 01784 256 290

Data Reprographics Ltd,  Unit 1 West Surrey Estate,  Ashford Road ,  Ashford,  Middlesex,  TW15 1XB    (Near Shepperton Studios)

Open Monday - Friday 8.30 - 5.30   Other times by arrangement


+44 (0) 1784 243 996

Construct Scenery

Construct Scenery

We are a Set Construction company based next to Pinewood studios in Langley and only 30 min from Shepperton and Black Island studios. Specialising in Feature film Construction Management and Set builds for Commercial, Promo and Editorial work.

With over 20 years experience and access to the best freelance crew the industry has to offer, we are well placed to help you on your next production. With the addition of new HD formats the days of "The camera will never see it" are long over and with this in mind we pride ourselves on the quality of the finishes we achieve.