1946 First Annual Dinner

Roy Oxley, Douglas Daniels, ?, LPW, Alfred Junge, Edward Craig, Philip Brinton, Paul Sherriff, Maurice Carter, George Provis, CP Norman, Carmen Dillon & Bill Andrews. Starting bottom left & clockwise.

The society of British Film Directors and Designers was founded in 1946, for the betterment of Design in British Films. Out of this society grew the Guild of Film Art Directors, and the present British Film Designers Guild.

We intend to build a roll of honour to those who previously served and build the British Film Designer Guild. Acknowledging and saluting the talent that is the foundation of today's departments.

BFDG Traditional logo

BFDG Traditional logo

Here is an early mail shot postcard, designed by Giles Masters from about 1992.

Historic Library is opened

A rather busy and important event. Our precious art dept library created over decades needed a new home due to Pinewood expansion. Superhire and the BFDG have cemented relations in creating a new up to date and most importantly organised research and reference library. Which is FREE, just sign in and enjoy.

BFDG Original Identity

Our last logo dates back to the very beginning. In order to refresh and re-vitalise the Guild we looked inward and changed outward too, into our current multi-format logo by Kevin Phipps.

Committee Social

Committee Social

Like all good socials one gets too busy chatting rather than taking photographs. Here is a quick snap when an announcement took place. You see we look like regular folk too!


BATMAN Directed by Tim Burton. This was a particularly special night for the UK art dept. Anton Furst (Art Direction) and Peter Young (Set Decoration) win the Oscar for Art Direction for Batman at the 62nd Academy Awards. Glenn Close and Mel Gibson present the award.


Meg Ryan presenting Peter Lamont and Michael Ford the Oscar® for Art Direction for "Titanic" at the 70th Academy Awards® in 1997. Hosted by Billy Crystal.


Oliver - Natalie Wood presents John Box, Terence Marsh, Vernon Dixon and Ken Muggleston the Oscar for Art Direction for Oliver! at the 41st Academy Awards.


Stephen Grimes and Josie MacAvin win the Oscar for Art Direction for Out of Africa at the 58th Academy Awards.

Chairmen & Chairwomen

2016 - 2017   Peter Walpole

2014 - 2015   Simon Bowles

2012 - 2013   Susan Whitaker

2010 - 2011   Kevin Phipps

2008 - 2009   Malcolm Stone

2006 - 2008   Terry Ackland-Snow

2004 - 2005   Fred Hole

2002 - 2003   Terry Ackland-Snow

2000 - 2001   Peter lamont

1998 - 1999   Austen Spriggs

1996 - 1997   Terry Ackland-Snow

1994 - 1995   Peter Lamont

1992 - 1993   Peter Murton


2010 - present    Mads Bushnell

2016 - present    Ali O'Neill 

2006 - 2009        Mary Krauss

1982 - 2005       John French

Now in Post Production. Guild members include Art Director Tom Still

Filmed at Leavesden studios with numerous BFDG members

Ali and Nino filmed in Azerbaijan with Supervising Art Director Christian Huband.

Featuring the work of Production Designer James Hambidge, Construction Manager Paul Hayes, Co-ord Amanda Pettett, Art Directors Leslie Tomkins, Guy Bradley, Toby Britton, Martin Foley, Su Whitaker, Snr & Set designers Dorrie Young, James Spencer, Charlotte Malynn at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire.

The new Guy Ritchie film currently in production, features the work of Art Director Anthony Caron-Delion, Assistant Art Director Patrick Harris & Draughtsman Darren Tubby.

GAME of THRONES, a long running HBO series worked on by host of members over the years.