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TV and Film world can seem so familiar in our daily lives, yet the workings or access to it can appear so remote as well as hard to understand. So are you having difficultly in finding an opportunity to start and where to look?

The BFDG recognise this issue and work along side educational facilities, UK government training initiatives and aim to provide an insight with their downloadable Guides as well as highlighting training that is available, both fee based and public domain accessible.

These Guides are intended to create an on-going resource for those wanting to know more about film production, the departments and technical positions.

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BFDG - Who to talk to...

Speaking to the right person is essential to getting a job. So many emails and random CV letter just get disgarded when you may have the ability.

BFDG - Getting work...

The main studios are often re-organsing due to expansion and modernisation. The smaller studios can be harder to find and some films set up in one off vacant offices or factory sites. Which makes them harder to find.

Differences between UK to USA Set Decorating & Property Departments

The hierarchy in the United Kingdom does have some title variants with job descriptions. Here is a guide to the main positions within each area, as there are many alternatives dependent on the film requirements and to which country the film is based in. Some titles vary like for example Draughtsman UK, to Set Designer or Draftsman USA. The Production Designer is the head of various departments, Art, Construction, Decorating, Property & Prop Making. Here is a guide to the main positions within each area.

Production designer (Feature film), Supervising art director - controls staff, work & schedule req., Art director (or Production designer for Commercials) usually several positions - controls several sets, draughts, organizes & liaises with trades, Stand-by art director (shooting crew), Assistant art director - draughts & liaises with trades, Art department co-ordinator, Senior draughtsperson (lead set designer U.S.) experienced draughtspeople who choose to stay drawing board based, draughtsperson (Set designer or Draftsperson U.S.), Junior draughtsperson, Art department assistant or Runner (Production runner U.S.).

Set decorator (a.k.a. dresser U.K.) - selects all props and set dressing. (Set decorator U.S. is in charge of background dressing and stand-by), Production buyer, Assistant set decorator, Assistant buyer.

Property master - controls prop collecting, storing, dressing, manufacture and stand-by.(Property master U.S., is in charge of action props - acquiring, manufacturing and stand-by. Assistant property master, Supervising props dresser Lead man U.S., Props storeman, Props co-ordinator, Stand-by props (also On-set U.S.), Props dresser Set dresser U.S. or Swing gang U.S. (Swing gang can also refer to set construction in the U.S.), Prop dresser (Note Set decoration and Property are different departments in U.S.)

Construction manager, Assistant construction manager, Construction buyer, H.o.D. (Head of Department) Carpenter (a.k.a. Chippie), H.o.D. Painter, H.o.D. Plasterer, H.o.D. Rigger & H.o.D. Stagehand (a.k.a. Stag). Within each department is Supervising, Chargehand positions to Labourers & Apprentices.

H.o.D. Prop maker - works in conjunction with Props, Senior prop makers, Prop maker, Sculptors & Apprentices.

Other titles include Visual Effects art director, Vehicles art director, Locations art director, Concept artist (Illustrator U.S.), Storyboard artist, Graphic designer, Sign writer or Lettering artist, Model maker, Armourer, Greensman (Greenskeeper U.S.), Drapes master and Scenic artist.

Refer also to Film crew & Art Department Guide U.S.

BFDG Official Rate Card

This has been produced over years will wide consultation. Be aware this is a live document and subject to change and revision, hence dated releases.

The Rate card attached has been officially recognised by BECTU and the intermediate figure in each category can be found on BECTU's website.

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TARZAN the UNTAMED, shot at Leavesden studios with Supervising Art Director James Hambidge, Art Directors Toby Britton, Guy Bradley & Susan Whitaker, Set Designers Charlotte Malynn & James Spencer and Art Department Assistant Stephanie Clerkin.

Stephanie Clerkin
Stephanie Clerkin

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