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Privacy Policy - GDPR May 2018

The British Film Designers Guild (BFDG) takes the integrity of personal data very seriously and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means your right to privacy is protected in law. If you apply or become a member, we will ask you to read and agree to our privacy notice which sets out how your data is used, and what your rights are. BFDG Admin team and Officers will ensure your data is not used for unrequested marketing or shared with any third party you do not know about, and you have control of how your data is used and how the BFDG communicates with you.  For more information go to the ICO website

You will also find a fully updated version of the BFDG Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.


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You are welcome to use our logo to signify your memberships status.

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The latest installment from the Bond Franchise worked on by BFDG members Art Director Mark Harris & Tamari Marini, Storyboard Artist Jim Cornish & Nic Pelham, Assistant Art Director Hugh McClellan and  Lydia Fry.