Our Availability list is regularly updated. However not all members are listed here, contact us at the office.
Should you be interested in any individual, contact them directly via their personal website link or Kays.

The Guild office is always happy to help. Should you have a position, grade or project requiring crew we can confidentially or openly advertise on your behalf using our Members only Facebook group or email distribution list.

Members have their home locations listed and often travel internationally. Contact members directly to discuss Green card / work permits and nationality issues.

Please refer to our Membership Directory for credit IMDB links and/or Showreel personal contact.

Anna Czerniavska - ADA avail mid July
Ben Wilson - A 
Catrin Meredydd - PD avail from Sept 
Claudia Parker - SD 
Daniel Gomme - D/SDes 
Dave Bowes - SAD 
David Bryan - PD 
Dionisia Cirasola - ADA
Elli Griff - SD 
Flo Tasker - GD avail from 4 Sept
Ged Clarke - PD 
Gillian Morris A/D/MM
Grahm Wyn Jones - SA
Hywel Rose - A/Jnr D/ D
Jeff Sherriff - PD
Jo Riddell - SAD 
Jo Farr - A/ADC/ADA
Johanna Sansom - D/SDes 
John Colebourn - SA
John West - AD avail July
Julie Signy - SD avail from 5th August
Keith Weir - SA avail from July
Kevin Hunter - CA 
Liam Morgan - A
Meg Witts - APB 
Nigel Evans - AD
Peter Francis - PD 
Rebecca Gillies - SD 
Robert Bean - M/S/C/MM
Rose Konstam - A/SDA 
Ryan McCarthy - ADA 
Shade Addams - A - Graphics experience
Shalina Bhamra - A/ADA
Siobhan Pemberton - AD avail 2 July
Sion Clarke - AD avail from July
Soren B Pedersen - SA 
Tamara Marani - AD 
Terry Jones PB/SD


Friday, 23 June, 2017

The BFDG aims to regularly update member availability notifications. Some Members prefer not to publicly list so for the latest please contact the office.

Our entry level category ‘Affiliate’ does not support membership listing in our Directory. Affiliate is aimed at those lacking experience in the TV and Film business and would make excellent candidates for Art Department Assistant/Runner. Some have a wide range of complimentary training and work portfolios such as Architecture and not limited post graduate students.

Some members work often in multiple grades hence varying credits.

Members are linked to categories but not restricted to working in them. The BFDG is not a Union and does not impose such restrictions.

We do rate our members on their experience, skills and working knowledge. This is reflected in their directory / category listing section.

In order for members to forward their career  we note other grades worked.

BFDG grade their work and ability is individually assessed at every stage.

Grades listed are linked to BFDG category but not restricted within in the availability listing page.

Please refer to Membership Directory and individuals CV for further details.